Special Needs


Special Needs

My songs particularly ‘strike a chord’ with those children ‘living outside the box’ (so-to-speak!) Please read references below from parents, teachers, co-ordinators and listen to my songs. Contact Kath for your own unique song for your organisation.

“Kath Bee is a Superstar in our house! We first saw her when the children were quite young, around the time our world was turned upside down when our youngest was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome. Andrè loved her music and it offered us a way into his world.

The catchy tunes, funny lyrics, the humour and heart of the music captured him and we would sing and laugh together. We soon built up a collection of Kath Bee’s songs (the good part was mum and dad liked it too, which I can’t say for all the children’s music in our collection!)

Kath is amazing with her young fans. Andrè adores her so much that when he sees her he often becomes overwhelmed. Kath has always made time and found a way to connect with Andrè. I see her doing it with all children.

Kath has a big heart and it comes through, in her music. She is an amazing person and we are so happy to have found her music. Kath Bee will always be a Superstar in our house!”
Andrea Lee,
National Coordinator Fragile X New Zealand,
Parent to Parent NZ Inc National Board

“Kath has been the main attraction at our Family Activities days and Christmas parties for the last 4 years and they have been hugely successful. We accredit much of this success to Kath coming along and entertaining us all with her collection of amazing songs…..

The children, parents and grandparents love her songs & music. The great thing about Kath is that her music crosses all the boundaries and she is visually appealing to children who have disabilities. There is in something in her music that particularly attracts children with special needs and they often continue singing and humming her tunes long after she has left.

Kath has an open and welcoming personality and is instantly appealing. I would love to see Kath doing more music with special needs children – her music has many therapeutic benefits.

The children/young people will get up and dance which helps their coordination, muscle tone and motor skills. She gets into their cognitive thinking through catchy rhymes and ditties that they can remember over and over again. She aids their social skills by singing about everyday activities and people and children can learn about appropriate behaviours by just listening in to her songs.

Both my children – one with special needs and one without special needs – are Kath’s number one fans and if you see her and listen to her music there it is very clear why…..”
Jane Linn,
Regional Coordinator
Parent to Parent